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Caring for your plant

Favorita The Original® gives a lot and demands little. Follow the tips below and you will get lasting pleasure from your cheerful, bright Kalanchoe.

  • Water: A dash of water ever two to three weeks is enough. Favorita The Original® can easily go for three weeks without water because it takes moisture from its sturdy, fleshy leaves.
  • It needs no fertiliser. During the growing process we give the plant enough fertiliser and at the time of purchase there is still enough of it in the plant pot.
  • Temperature: outdoors – not when there is a night frost, indoors – normal room temperature
  • Location: in a place with lots of light, bright sunlight is no problem because it makes the colours even more intense
  • Beware: Favorita The Original® is a single-flowering Kalanchoe and you do not need to remove the spent flowers. As easy as that!
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