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In the Southern hemisphere, approximately 400 kilometres East of Mozambique in the Indian Ocean is the gigantic island of Madagascar. The landscape is a bright mixture of tropical rainforest, Savannah and grass steppes. When it is winter here, the temperature there hovers around 25°C and it has an average of 200mm of rain. When it is summer here, it rains less there, but the temperature still hovers between 20°C and 25°C. Ideal growing conditions for the Kalanchoe.

The Kalanchoe is a member of the succulent family. It appeared later on in Asia and Africa. At the beginning of the last century, Kalanchoes appeared in Paris where they became a major hit thanks to their lovely bright colours. Dutch breeders and propagators saw a great potential here. In 1985, thanks to their hard work, innovative policy and quality norms, the Kalanchoe was a major hit. First in the Netherlands and Europe and later worldwide.

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