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About the owner, Aad Vreugdenhil

The owner, Aad Vreugdenhil, is passionate about growing the best and most beautiful Kalanchoes. “We are involved in the process right from the smallest seed to fully-grown plants. This is the only that we can guarantee top quality and uninterrupted supply. We work together with a few other specialised companies on propagating our basic stock and breeding strong, resistant varieties. We only roll out with those plants that produce the very best results.”

Aad also believes that it is important to ensure good project marketing and guarantee that the products appeal to the corresponding target groups. He helps his retail clients by offering visually attractive packaging, so that the products look lovely on the shop floor. To achieve this he monitors consumer trends closely. “We worked with the design and communication agency PrimaLabel to create the Favorita The Original® concept that is designed specifically to meet the requirements and wishes of consumers.

The concept is ideal for retail outlets, because the plants retain their colours during shipping, they are well protected and can be put on display exactly as they arrive. The gift packaging for the four Favoritas® is a sturdy and surprising sleeve. Whether you are receiving them or offering them, we hope you will get great pleasure from your Favoritas®.'  

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